As a street photographer, I enjoy challenging myself to different ways of interpreting the street. I look for singular moments that can be layered to relay the complexity of everyday life as I see it. My interest in combing, laying and using the extended frame and in-camera multiple exposure techniques comes from my own experience and nothing and no one is one-dimensional.

In my current on-going street project Hollywood, I am enjoying the challenge of using my camera to help me create unpredictable and complex photographs. I am combining two single photographs on the street that when combined successfully, without post processing can take the ordinary and make it surprisingly mysterious.

I am inspired by several twentieth century street photographers, however most notably, Garry Winogrand. Especially his work on Hollywood Boulevard and his iconic photograph, Hollywood and Vine, where he successfully captured social, political and aesthetically formal techniques to make an extraordinary photograph. I enjoy the unpredictable flux and flow of the idiosyncratic, mysterious and inscrutable universe that unfolds before me when I am on the street.